Saturday, November 10, 2012

why romney ran

atrios @ eschaton asks:

who the hell would want that job

not going to waste too much of my beautiful mind on it, but I do wonder why romney wanted to be preznit. i wonder the same about anyone, of course, but the reasons do differ.

let me count the ways:

  1. to prove Himself better than His Father, who, though being the better man, failed to become President
  2. to see His Name writ upon the Pages of History, as a member of the Most Exclusive Club in the World

  3. to walk in the Company of World Leaders, and not as a donor or favor-seeker or hanger-on

  4. to bask in the Glow of His lessers, and have Senators, CEOs and Rock Stars seek His Attention and Kiss His Ring

  5. to receive Presidential Awards, Prizes and Medals

  6. to hear everyone speak His Name every day for eight continuous years

  7. to place a Capstone on His Worldly Achievements

  8. to culminate a life-long Quest for Validation

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