Monday, March 02, 2009

formative albums: decade zero

inspired by my friend margie's facebook note "25 formative life-changing albums". click images to enlarge. dates are release dates.

peter and the wolf (1957)

the version currently on my ipod is by leonard bernstein and the ny philharmonic.

the three little pigs: favorite children stories (1961)

mother goose favorites (1965)

sesame street original cast record (1970)

the amazing spider-man: a rockomic! (1972) — now this was awesome!

some stuff from my parents' collection that in some part made it onto the ipod:

whipped cream and other delights (1965)
"whipped cream" and "a taste of honey" were the big hits but the masterpiece is the criminally short (1:32) "green peppers".

they also had the herb alpert's ninth (1967) and beat of the brass (1968) but not !!going places!! (1965). "whipped", "beat" and "going" made it onto the ipod.

the best of sam cooke (1962)

the supremes: where did our love go (1964) and i hear a symphony (1966)

make way for dionne warwick (1964) and here where there is love (1967)

four tops: second album (1965)

temptations: gettin' ready (1966)

the 5th dimension: stoned soul picnic (1968) and greatest hits (1969)

jackson 5: abc (1970)

soul train: hits that made it happen and soul train: hall of fame (1973)

note: they also owned a (relatively) sizable collection of popular classical recordings that i don't remember hearing them play, many of which nonetheless made it to the ipod.

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