Thursday, August 06, 2009

dating tips fer wimmen

perpetual lonely guy and now-immortalized la fitness club shooter george sodini helpfully explains how women can avoid falling prey to a serial killer.

... women bring this onto themselves. they actually create the guy to kill 'em. and they are too dense to see that they are creating the guy to kill 'em.

... women are so picky, so choosy, when it comes to the dating scene or bein' with somebody that, first look, it's over!

... even a fat ugly woman gets a guy. why? because a guy has more of a heart than a woman'll ever have.

... women are purposely, willingly and knowingfully forcing guys into loneliness. an' walkin' round with their heads all high because they know they'll never be alone. it's like one woman told me: "oh, good luck, you're gonna be alone for years. nobody wants someone like you. you're too short!"

... then you women want to complain when a guy flips out and kills ya? well y'know, a guy like that, if you wanted to have a one night stand, you know how you get it? get a gun out — and force it. because you couldn't get it any other way.

... it's just like me watching this show the one day, it was like, forensic files, seen a woman killed. wow! inside i felt happy. was like: huh? that's crazy — i shouldn't be happy just cause this girl gets killed. but i was. and i know why i was happy. i thought about it awhile. it's not that i wanted to go out and do it, but i know why i was happy. i was happy cause it felt good to see a woman get killed.

why did it feel good to see a woman get killed? well, they denied me my life all them years, they're denying these other guys their life for no reason at all. we didn't do anything to you, but we're not allowed to have a life because you deny us that. so now the guy flips out and kills the woman — just like she denied him a life, he's denying her a life. he takes her life literally. she's actually better off bein' dead. why? because him, he gets to suffer.

he gets to go home, still be alone, still be alone, still be alone. cry, feel all the emotions. y'know, all the emotions and feelings you women don't think guys have.

... use your heads. everybody's a human. everybody deserves somebody.

god did say: he put women on this earth with man so that everybody — everybody — could have a mate. and now you women, just like eve did, she picked the apple when god said not to. so what do you women do? you run over there and pick the apple. and now what're you doin'? you're destroyin' it. god said everybody'd have a mate and what did you do? you made sure not everybody had a mate, didn't you? why? i guess because your daddy's satan?

well, that's what it must be. because you're evil. and if you wasn't evil, why would you do this to another human being, for no reason at all?

think about that: why would you do this to another human being, for no reason at all? why would you treat them like dirt for no reason at all? and then complain when you get killed?

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