Monday, January 18, 2010

kirk in tights

it was something about the cover ...

the early eighties was a period of waning comics interest for me, but, lying on a subway newsstand (not my regular boutique for buying comics), it caught my eye.

"psst ..." it whispered, as if not wanting to draw undue attention to itself. "hey buddy, down here. go ahead ... pick me up." and i did.

i ended up buying the next 70 issues, as well as back issues. (there were only five out at this early stage in the title.)

i was intrigued by the intersection two of my favorite genres, superheroes and star trek. nexus was a literate, brooding and reluctant solar-powered executioner of mass murderers in a starfaring multispecies galaxy where, seemingly, matt jefferies and bill theiss were god.

• • •

from color issue #4:

from issue #14, where one could spot a familiar duo working crowd control:

yes, it's a small galaxy.

(art by steve rude, stories by mike baron)

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