Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the great debater

during a debate trump will toss all kinds of stuff at obama and he will not be able to rehearse enough to prepare for answers. he will be thrown off his great debate trait ... and in a debate with someone who is as rehearsed as obama you are going to need to take risk and just throw things at him. trump takes risks, that is why he is so successful and will beat obama.

a palin/obama debate would likely be termed a toss-up, while a trump/obama debate would leave obama a weeping pile of goo on the stage. again, i'd REALLY like to see that.

donald trump wouild chew up obama in a debate and spit out the pieces as far as chicago — WITHOUT a teleprompeter.

trump will destroy the boy king in a debate.

a debate between obama and trump would be a debate to watch!

obammy crying!

trump could tell him he's fired.

in open debate i suspect trump could crush obama. putting the birth certificate aside, trump would kill him on china, the handling of iraq and now libya, obamacare, and on and on. trump is very smart and i am sure can argue all sides of an argument effectively. his tendency to be very direct is clearly a byproduct of his new york life.

meanwhile, back on planet earth ...

trump: when you see what china is doing to us, where we're gonna lose this year, three hundred billion dollars to china — and they're taking all of our jobs — they're doing it through manipulation of their currency
guthrie: well, it is a sovereign nation — you can't tell china not to manipulate its currency.
trump: if you have the right messenger, they won't be doing it for long. let me just tell you something —
guthrie: seriously, you think you could just tell them —
trump: we have the cards. yeah, they don't have the cards, we have the cards. my policy is very very simple. i would tell china, very nicely, fellas, you're my friend, i like you very much — i've made a lot of money with china, by the way, a lot of money with china. i would say we're going to put a 25% tax on all your products coming in and that's gonna do a number of things ... number one, as soon as they believe it's gonna happen, they would behave so nicely, because it would destroy their economy.
guthrie: the, um, debt ceiling vote, the republicans are saying they don't think the debt ceiling should be raised. businesses have warned there could be dire consequences.
trump: i don't care. i wouldn't raise it.
guthrie: and you know most economists say that would send the us economy back into a recession?
trump: what do economists know? most of them are not very smart.
guthrie: you don't think if —
trump: excuse me, excuse me ...
guthrie: — the US defaults on its obligations it would be grave for the economy?
trump: i don't think we'll have to default. you'll have to make a deal someplace. you might as well do it now. because if you keep raising it and raising it, let's keep raising it, you'll go ten years, let's keep raising the debt ceiling. i'd stop it right now. i'd go out, negotiate, i'd make deals ...
guthrie: who's the deal to be made with?
trump: well, the president should be leading the deal, but i don't think he's capable enough to lead the deal. instead you have the republican here, the democrat —
guthrie: are you talking about a political deal?
trump: well, ultimately, it's all political when you get right down to it, isn't it savannah?
guthrie: is there a right to privacy in the constitution?
trump: i guess there is. i guess there is ...
guthrie: so ...
trump: why do you — why, just out of curiosity, why do you ask that question?
guthrie: well, i'm just wondering how that squares with your pro-life views?
trump: well, umm, it's a pretty strange way of getting to pro-life. i mean, it's a very unique way of asking about pro-life. why are you — what does that have to do with privacy? how you are ... how are you equating pro-life with privacy?
guthrie: well, you know about the roe v. wade decision ... ?
trump: yes, sure, look, i'm for pro-life ... i'm pro-life. i've said it. i'm very strong there and i'm strong on pro-life ...

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