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birther pangs

longtime usurper family crony and newly-installed hawaii governor neil abercrombie may just have been crazy like a fox when in december he very publicly took it upon himself to "put this particular canard to rest" — referring of course to lingering birtherism — by finding "ways to change state policy to allow him to release additional proof that the president was born in honolulu in 1961."

hoocoodanode that the governor's shocking abandonment of his quest barely a month later would bring the ever-vigilant birthers roaring out of the deep funk they'd been stewing in since the bruising guilty plea and jailing of their hero and now former army ltc terry lakin, the usurper's latest political prisoner?





by marty62

the surprise metastasizing of the still-ain't-quite-dead movement did not escape the notice of the lamestream media — its natural enemy — which was finally forced to admit, via ppp and cnn polls, what every real american™ always knew: that birthers rule! (well, at least in the gop ...)

... i wear the "birther" title proudly, just as i wear the "vexatious requester" title proudly.

someday i'm gonna sing, "i was ‘birther' when ‘birther' wasn't cool." lol

they've thrown all the rotten tomatoes that they have at us and we've come out of it unscathed. what are they gonna do now - bleed on us? wave their privates at our aunties? taunt us a second time? lol.

we are the little bunnies they ridicule but in the end they will be the ones soiling their armor. lol. the only question is whether they, in their figurative death throes, will bother to write out, "aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhh" (with a gutteral sound, in the back of the throat). lol

by butterdezillion

so now — with last november's return of congress' lower chamber into its rightful hands; with the oversight committee in the hands of darrell issa, from whose belt already proudly dangles the scalp of a onetime governor; with the ship of state's sails filling with a now-impossible-to-ignore whirlwind sweeping straight off the plains of central birfistan — elected and unelected officials no longer need tiptoe around the most important constitutional crisis in world history. birthers can therefore expect congress to stand with them arm-in-arm and heads held high as they launch those long overdue impeachment hearings ...

john boehner: "it's not my job to tell the american people what to think ... the state of hawaii has said he was born there. that's good enough for me ... the president says he's a christian. i accept him at his word."

eric cantor: "i don't think it's an issue that we need to address at all ... it is not an issue that even needs to be on the policy-making table right now whatsoever."

tim pawlenty: "i’m not one who questions the existence of the president’s birth certificate."

mike huckabee: "the idea that he's not a citizen, to me, y'know why that's nonsense? because if there was any shred of truth to it, hillary clinton and her wonderful investigative opposition research machine would have found it and would have used it and for republicans to even be bringing it up, i think it's a waste of energy and time. let's focus on the issues with which we have disagreement, not on, really, the extraneous personal things that are immaterial."

michelle bachmann: "it isn't for me to state; that's for the president to state ... when the president makes his statements, i think they should stand for their own."

sarah palin: "it’s distracting. it gets annoying. let’s stick with what really matters."

darrell issa: "mine is not the committee that asks where the president was born ... it doesn't ask what ministers that he went to think. all that stuff is a distraction. i'm not the overseer of the president."

... or maybe not.


she's starting to annoy me.

by little jeremiah

i got a fundraising call today from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of john boehner. i let the poor girl have it. i told her that i had no respect for boehner and all the republicans who are so timid that they are afraid to demand that they see obama's birth certificate, and then suggested that she call me back for a contribution after boehner grew a pair, and did the right thing.

by ml/nj

this may explain obama’s refusal to resolve this issue. the progressives are using birtherism as a divide-and-conquer tool.

this explains why the sudden interest in whacking pubbies with ambush questions about obama’s birthplace.

the media can then sort people by this characteristic, and can safely ignore anyone tainted by the birther brush.

by dbrow

well of course that’s the media's strategy. the question is are we stupid enough to fall for it. the answer is probably. just look at the vitriol aimed at bush and romney on this board. hey, romney is not my choice and bush could have done a lot of things differently but i would crawl across broken glass to support romney, chuckleberry, gingrich or really anyone on the GOP side (well not sure about paul) if it means getting rid of the disaster we have now.

by marlon

you sir are a GOP kool-aid drinker. romney’s wothless, and elmer gantry’s [huckabee] a fraud. if any of them are the nominee, i’m staying home election day 2012. if the usurper is re-elected, we’ll deserve it for not running a true constitutional conservative.

by emperor palpatine

well...there goes the perception of [bachmann's] strength and integrity. and, i rather liked her, too.

overlooking what may well be one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on the american people is no way to win hearts and minds among the populace.

by publiusmm

michelle bachmann did not dismiss or diss birthers....she handled the situation as best as she could.

palin said for the "GOP to distance itself from birthers" (words to that effect). palin dismissed the issue and the birthers....bachmann did not.

its time for the palinStinians to get real. sarah palin is a liberal RINO...and this is not the first time she has gone RINO. the palinStinians would still support and propagandize for palin if she joined al-qaeda.

by ucfroadwarrior

a good lawyer knows that you never ask a question unless you already know the answer.

any republican who sides with the bither "theory" would be lambasted until they could prove their assertion.

since there is currently no definitive proof one way or the other regarding obama's birth status, prominent republicans should stay neutral on the subject until there is.

as for me, i will be convinced about obama's status when i see the proof. until then, he is just another kenyan usurper gangsta with a karl marx fetish.

by kickass conservative

i know every conservative candidate will be asked if obozo is a citizen. my vote will go to the one who has the metal to say: whether he is a citizen or not, i do not know; but i know he is not a natural born citizen and therefore is a fraud and usurper; who is not eligible to be president; and so he should be impeached; prosecuted and imprisoned.

by polosec

america is doomed.

conservatives are heading in so many directions that there will never be a unified voice amongst us....

and no where has that been more obvious that right here at freepers.

not once has a freeper backed candidate made it to the white house.

why is that?

by halgr

the most powerful man in the world, operating out of the most powerful office in the world, situated in the most powerful nation in the world, and he can’t produce the most believeable fake in the world?

don’t bet the next election on it. obama’s been playing with this issue, he’s been loving it.

if he needs a BC, one will be fothcoming.

by balding_eagle

while i'm in no position to know if our marxist muslim overlord is "loving it" or not, i can admit that i most certainly am.

like the birther said: THANKS GOV ABERCROMBIE.

Friday, February 04, 2011

the evolution of a revolution

(story and art by vadillo, 1972)