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the least surprising conspiracy theory of the year

and it's only march ...

ml/nj: there were three isolated events on march 1st: joe arpaio detailed fraud committed on behalf of barack obama, we learned of the death of andrew breitbart, and there was a "bomb-scare" at the limbaugh compound in palm beach.

or maybe they weren't so isolated at all?

johnnyP: WWBBD? (what would breitbart do?

do you think he would have remained silent about the BC after arpaio's press conference?

what did he mean when he said "wait 'til march 1st"?

ml/nj: breitbart gave an interview to jerome corsi the night before his passing. the march 1st comment was for the arpaio press conference revealing fraud and forgery of birth certificate/selective service. also there were other revelations of a witness that heard of bill ayers mother saying obama being a foreign student, there is a "person of interest", there is a criminal investigation ongoing etc.

butterdezillion: [the media has] been threatened. i feel like a broken record because i keep saying this, but the claims of doug hagmann have been corroborated. the only reason it hasn't broken into full view is because the story IS real and the witnesses thus far, while willing to give their evidence to PI's and LEO's, are still in danger if their identities are known.

the very fact that "conservatives" have not mentioned [joe arpaio and worldnetdaily's march 1 birther press conference] — even though this report is by a sconstitutionally-assembled law-enforcement body that originally intended to put the "birther nonsense" to rest — tells you that their refusal to report it has nothing to do with the credibility or authority of either the claims or the people making them. the reason they are not reporting it is because they were told by the head of their media company (fox and the radio companies) that if they or any of their guests discussed this issue, their career would be over and their lives and the lives of their family members were questionable.

the death of andrew breitbart the same day as the [arpaio] press conference was not lost on the media members. and [jerome] corsi's revelation at the press conference, that the last interview breitbart did was with sheriff joe just hours before breitbart died, is not wasted on any of them either, i'd bet money.

armourup: LOOK.....
brietbart took down ACORN, BeHO's baby.
ACORN was BeHO's own private army.
there is a lot of high tech ways to make someone "die of natural causes".

today BeHO killed 3 birds with one stone.
1. killed the guy who killed ACORN.
2 took sheriff joe's BC new conference out of the press.
3. sent a message to sheriff joe.

i am too much of a conspiracy nut to not think the two were connected.

joe arpaio is old enough i don’t think he could be intimidated by threats to HIS life... but he has family.

... BeHO’s startin' to play HARD BALL boys and girls....

chrisnj: i bet hannity will be ordered NOT to air breitbart’s [alleged obama college] tape!

they are getting desperate and onto a killing spree!

kjo: i still think it’s more than strange that brietbart died just as he announced at CPAC that he was going to vet obama. maybe it’s a coincidence...but don’t think the government doesn’t have ways to make people suddenly die. we’ll never know for sure.

d'oh! of course the gov't has ways to "make people suddenly die" — just ask osama or terry mcveigh. but breitbart? not my idea of a "high-value" target ... but maybe that's just me.

andy from chapel hill: as far as threats of assassination go, i doubt that the [intelligence community] told anyone that the IC might kill a blabbermouth. more likely, the IC has told folks that there are other countries involved and these countries have agents here in the USA who have orders from home to kill anyone who gets too close. i would be much more afraid of the KGB or mossad that i would be of the IC.

butterdezillion: i suspect that the death of andrew breitbart right after he dared to interview arpaio - as if he was actually entertaining the idea of reporting on this issue - is not coincidence but a reminder to the rest of the media that soros' threats are not in vain.

w.w. smith: this go’s beyond fear of being called names or losing advertisers. this is in the realm of "you talk and you and yours all die and there is not enough security to prevent those deaths.

we must remember that the hard line leftists will lie, cheat, steal or murder to advance their agenda. for those of us that think "no way, they couldn’t manage that", there are more than enough like van jones, jarrett, the sunstiens, and the names just keep coming. there are at least one million of these dead philosophy zombies perfectly willing to threaten someone with death and carry it out when the threat does not work.

i fully believe that the time has come to kill or be killed.

bluebird singing: we shall see, if and when the breitbart video of obama/ayers/college days are released. the domestic terrorists put on suits and infiltrated our governmental institutions. the obama/ayers connection is an example. i disagree with you, i think obama was groomed for exactly what is happening now.

butterdezillion: the media have just had a reminder that young reporters in their prime of life who have just interviewed joe arpaio can all of a sudden have a heart attack and die.

expect them to hysterically try to silence the facts. the "threats" theory predicts that to happen. now everybody observe what happens. one of the big measures of a theory is whether it accurately predicts what will happen.

hmm ... i have a feeling that whatever happens, butter's gonna be sticking with that so-called "theory".

kjo: anybody that brings up obama's phoney LFBC/draft card...will be history.

the only guy who would not back down from the threats was brietbart. his death is a cautionary tale...think tucker carlson and others who were close to andrew haven't noticed?

tapes of obama in college were to emerge on march 1, the day of brietbart's's the 3rd...nothing yet...think folks arent' thinking about the implications?

flotsam_jetsome: the breitbart death serves the "obama" team on several levels:

1. it disrupts the news cycle (as did the bomb scare at limbaugh's house) so that the media talking heads have something, anything to report other than the findings of sheriff joe's cold case possse.

2. gets rid of a (from their perspective) persistent threat.

3. sends a very clear and chilling message to any journalists out there contemplating reporting on the issue of "obama"'s background, including eligibility ramifications, with the seriousness it surely merits.

a colleague of mine and i were discussing the day before the press conference what big news event would take place that would distract from reporting on the cold case posse investigation results. bam! right on schedule.

little jeremiah: and the fluke/slut nonsense has absorbed limbaugh for days, no mention whatsoever of arpaio's report.