Saturday, June 13, 2009

not just obama (expanded)

with the tragically lengthening string of killings of public servants bringing the predicted resurgence in right-wing violence into sharp focus, both digby and the booman ponder its apparently cyclical nature:

digby: were unbalanced people driven to act by all the crazy talk about clinton? are unbalanced people being so moved by obama’s rise today? by crazy and semi-crazy talk about him? von brunn, who killed a decent person, apparently believed obama isn’t a citizen. but then, corder and duran may well have thought that clinton kept murdering people. not to mention his drug-dealing ways!

booman: ever since the modern GOP started taking shape during the mccarthy era, i cannot think of a time except the beginning of the carter administration, when the democrats have been control of everything and the right didn't start acting crazy.

as someone who's recently made something of a hobby following right-wing narratives about the crooked kenyan usurper, i think part of the right-wing propensity to shoot up the joint during democratic administrations can be attributed to their deeply-held and sincere belief that only conservatives are fit to lead and that only a lazy and ignorant public could ever vote otherwise.

why do urban centers vote democrat, and rural republican?
urban = those who get money from the government for sitting on their butts.

rural or suburban = those who actually produce and have money confiscated by the government to give to the urban population so they will vote for the liberals who gave it to them.

because urban folk think meat comes out of a plastic wrapper. think about it.

if black voters voted like normal americans, that wouldn't be the case.

it's not just obama who's illegitimate; liberals as a class have never been legitimate.

liberals and anybody else who aren't conservative are only second-class citizens, while conservatives only ever lose their place at the helm through the treachery and outright thuggery of the left.

it's an evolution of patronage and the subversion of the system at the ward level which is the historic province of the democratic party.

the democrats have always had a less-than-stellar respect for the franchise. they treat it as a form of currency, to be controlled and doled out to those they favor. this evolved throughout the 20th century with the largesse-campaign-vote cycle that centered around welfare.

they buy votes with money in the form of 'entitlements'. it is a simple and odious evolution of patronage since it makes the patron the master and the voter into a slave.

democrats buy votes with threats of mob agitation and promises of free lunch. of course, throwing in a bit of class envy for all to indulge in as they indoctrinate their starving audience in class warfare is just considered 'light' entertainment.

in short, the cities vote democrat because the people there have either been bribed, been titillated with hate, been bought outright, or have been told they have no hope but the party.

actually, now that i've summarized it - i am struck with the hideous, precise evil of it all.

any "conservative" thought to be helping liberals obviously was never a true conservative to begin with.

we already knew what george HW bush was, and that is Not a True Conservative and Not a True Republican.

and anyone who discredits conservatives can only be a liberal.

please. help me out here.

is president [george W] bush really so vane and worried about his own legacy that he won't do what is right or will he go down as the last great liberal to let the supreme court decide america's fate.

bring it on lurkers and moonbats...........
james von BRUNN.

LIBERAL assassin, SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST, MOONBAT al Qaeda supporter born in amarica, american hater.

(von brunn might not appreciate the irony of being branded a ni**er by his erstwhile fellow freepers after shooting a couple ...)

since america is a free country, liberals are allowed to live here, but america will remain a free country only as long as they are never free to run it, because to ever allow them to exercise any real hold on power is to invite civil suicide ...

. . .it is nonetheless incumbent on us to recognize that, where they would obstruct policies and practices that shore up the freedom and security of america’s citizens, liberal democrats are no less dangerous to the freedom that we continue to enjoy than are islamist terrorists.

... therefore any means that can be used to break that hold is justifiable and necessary. keeping the world safe for conservatives is every conservative's patriotic duty as a citizen.

liberal hunting license

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