Monday, May 05, 2008

not for resale

i see that my generosity is not to go unpunished:

ebay infringer

apparently the warning in the readme file supplied with my icons is not explicit enough. apparently this seller can't follow his own advice: "please read ebays policy carefully ..."

the concept of copyright itself is quite simple: if you didn't create it, you can't sell it — not without documented permission from the creator.

and while i may be the creator of these icons, even i can't sell them — not without risking the wrath of the likes of dc comics, warner bros., paramount pictures, george lucas, the beatles and any other holders of copyrights and trademarks attached to the sources of my creations.

so my advice to anyone contemplating making a buck or a pound off my icons — don't. i've already filed an infringement notice with ebay.

just be happy i'm giving them away for free to my fellow gps enthusiasts and not keeping them to myself. let sleeping dogs lie. it's not worth the £1.99.

1 comment:

  1. Can you PLEASE make one for a 2002 Grand Prix GT and GTP!? It would be greatly appreciated not only by me but the rest of the Grand Prix community as I can distribute the .srf file on the Grand Prix forums and Grand Prix Facebook page! PLEASE and Thank You!!